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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 50: the one with the Edit-paw-ial Assistant

Dexter: Arch, I’m ready for more important work now.
Archie: No, you’re not, Pipsqueak. You’re four months and two days old.
Dexter: But I am ready. I am! I’ve mastered sit-at-feet-during-revisions, I’ve mastered remind-Mum-it’s-lunch, and I can jump up on the sofa AND I can put my entire front legs on your back when we have a wrestle, so I’m big enough.
Archie: All right, then. If you think you’re so great — sit on Chloe’s lap and have a read through. Make notes in track-changes where you think Mum ought to do something different.

Dexter (reads furiously) : Well, OK. There aren’t any dogs, any sausages, or any bones in this book. I think Mum needs extra revisions.
Archie: She doesn’t, she needs a cuddle.
Dexter: Nope. Extra dogs. Here, here and … here.