Stitching, Writing life

And more stitching…

Stitching is very useful when I want to think about a plot. I’ve totally fallen in love with the Bothy Threads Wrendale designs, and thoroughly enjoyed working on my first two last year.

Also did two special samplers for my children’s birthdays – a Shelley quote in a border of rosebuds for Chloe’s 21st, and a chemistry sampler from an Etsy pattern for Chris’s birthday last week. (Mathysphere – excellent astronomy pattern as well, but it means working on a dark background and that’s VERY hard on my eyesight. Very dark colours, or white on a white background, means a daylight lamp and maximum twenty minutes’ stitching.

I did a couple of birthday ones for other special people: firstly, this one for my friend Jo’s 50th (her three dogs – her younger Cockapoo is darker than the pic, but then the detail wouldn’t have shown up so I fudged it slightly).

Then one for my sister-in-law, of her cat. (This is a Bothy design. They’re SO nice to work with. Particularly loved the brightness of the colours in the flowers for this one.)

And finally, one for me – Shakespeare! It’s yet another Bothy (they are my favourite designer) and was great fun to do. I’m mulling about designing my own Thomas Hardy one in this kind of style. However. I’m on deadline. Back to work, slack me 🙂