Christmas Bride for the Boss

imageMills & Boon Cherish Romance, Dec 2017 ISBN: print 978-0263265099, ebook 978-1474060516

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Harlequin Romance, Dec 2017 ISBN: print 978-0373744633, ebook 978-1488015243

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Wedding planner – to wife and mother?

Jamie Wallis needs a replacement nanny for his daughter – fast! So when a stunning young woman comes to him with a business proposal, he has a different proposition for her…

Securing Jamie’s investment is essential, but Sophie Firth wasn’t expecting to be asked to care for his daughter! However, once they meet, Sophie can’t help adoring little Sienna. And, as Christmas approaches, Sophie quickly becomes part of the family – and Jamie can’t resist letting her into his heart!

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Behind the Book

The book’s set in London and Iceland. Actually, the whole idea started in Iceland: we saw a bride at a church when we were doing the Golden Circle tour. A day or so later, at the black beach of Reynisfjara, there was another bride. And then we saw a third bride by the Skógafoss waterfall (which was also used in the film Thor: Dark World), with all the rainbows behind her. Clearly I needed to write a wedding planner book, and she needed to set up weddings in Iceland.


Even cooler, the US cover features Skógafoss – I was *so* thrilled. (And guess where my bride has her wedding photographs taken?)

Add in a single dad with a tragic past, a very cute child who enjoys art stuff as much as my daughter did at that age, and a proposition… And there we have Sophie and Jamie’s story.

Sophie is a stepmum, so I could only dedicate the book to one very special person – my own stepmum, Gay Sewell, and I’m very privileged to have her in my life.

You’ll enjoy this if you like office romances and/or single dad stories, small children, weepies and strong heroines.

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