Where do I start?

If you’re not sure where to start, my own favourites are Bound by a BabyBillionaire, Boss, BridegroomThe Consultant’s Christmas ProposalBehind the Film Star’s Smile (which is Notting Hill crossed with Marley and Me – if only they’d let me keep my working title of ‘Me and You and a Dog Named Baloo’); and Breakfast at Giovanni’s.

You’re quite likely to cry when you read one of my books (my Christmas ones are always weepies), or you might laugh for the right reasons (I hope!) at one of my frothier, more frivolous ones; but you’ll also come out feeling that the world is a good place and you will LOVE my proposal scenes (they are my favourite bits of the book). Quite a lot of me goes into my books, so my interests tend to show and, um, there may be nerdiness in places. Music and food play a big part, so be prepared to feel hungry or to want to go and dance/sing. You’ll probably learn something interesting (nerdy) because I *love* research. But most of all I hope you’ll connect with my characters and enjoy your glimpses into their world. (Especially in the Medicals, where you’re likely to catch up with them again in another book.)

Heat levels vary. The sexier ones are the Modern Heats; the sweeter ones are Cherish/True Love; and the Medicals depend.

I’ve tried to look at grouping the books into themes, but I’m definitely open to finding better ways to group them! (Currently a work in progress, but if/when I can get this to work, click on the group that interests you and it’ll lead to you a list further down the page.)

  • Medical – children’s ward
  • Medical – emergency
  • Medical – maternity
  • Medical – GP
  • Medical – other
  • Royalty/posh
  • Friends to lovers
  • Accidental baby
  • Fake fiance/marriage of convenience
  • Single parent