Heart Surgeon, Prince… Husband!

imageMills & Boon Medical Romance, Feb 2019 ISBN: print 9780263269604, ebook 9781474089777

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Harlequin Medical Romance, Feb 2019 ISBN: print 9780373215263, ebook 9781488020469

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A convenient proposal…
An inconvenient attraction!

Prince Luciano Bianchi is a top heart surgeon―but as a future king he’s expected to rule, not operate! To convince his family that saving lives is where his heart lies, he proposes a temporary convenient marriage to his new colleague, workaholic cardiologist Kelly Phillips. Of course there’s no risk of either of them falling in love―until their whirlwind ‘romance’ starts to feel tantalisingly real!

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Behind the Book

This is about workaholic cardiologist Kelly and cardiac surgeon Luciano. They get on well as colleagues, but he has a problem: he’s a prince and his family expect him to come back to their country to rule. Since he lost his best friend to heart disease as a teen, all Luc’s wanted to do is be a surgeon. And he thinks if Kelly will marry him it will persuade his family to let him follow his dreams…

Meanwhile Kelly’s still recovering from losing her husband to heart disease, the more so because she feels as a cardiologist she should’ve noticed something. She agrees to the marriage to help Luc – but neither of them expect to fall in love!

It’s dedicated to my dear friend Sheila Crighton, who gave me the lightbulb for this book over lunch in the British Library.

You’ll enjoy this if you like: New York, marriage of convenience stories

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