Second Chance with her Guarded GP

Mills & Boon Medical Romance, August 2021 – Twin Docs’ Perfect Match, book 1

ISBN: print 9780263297737, ebook 9780008915803

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Harlequin Romance, August 2021, ISBN: print 9781335408778, ebook 9780369712110

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Can two broken hearts find happiness together?

In this Twin Docs’ Perfect Match story, after losing her sister, nurse Gemma escapes by fundraising for charity – and hustling GP Ollie for a donation! Only Gemma discovers Ollie’s hiding his own heartbreak…is the only way to heal, together?

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Behind the Book

I wanted to write a book about twins – but with a difference. So we have a kidney transplant; this book is about Ollie, who donates the kidney. He leaves London both to be near his twin and to get over the misery of calling a halt to his wedding.

Meanwhile Gemma is trying to make up for going off the rails – and fundraising so other people might not have to lose their sisters, the way she did.

And the book is about how they make a difference to each other.

It’s dedicated to my friend Vicki Ward Hibbins, who gave me a lightbulb moment for one of the medical cases.

You’ll enjoy this if you like GP stories, the sea, skydiving.

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