One Night to Remember

892120E0-471F-4764-8F87-078BA10A0EDFMills & Boon True Love Romance, Feb 2020 ISBN: print 9780263278712, ebook 9780008903299

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Harlequin Romance, Feb 2020 ISBN: print 9781335556196, ebook 9781488065026

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She can’t remember him…
But he can’t forget her!

Harry Moran spent the most amazing night of his life with Holly Weston, before she completely disappeared. Now, months later, Holly’s back– with a baby bump and amnesia! Could this handsome stranger be the key to uncovering the missing pieces of her memory… and her heart?

Also released in the UK as a hardback (ISBN 9780263087130 ) Also released in Australia in paperback (date , ISBN:).

Behind the Book

This is my 88th book for M&B and I think it’s one of my favourites – and it’s also my first ever amnesia book. I really enjoyed the challenge of making it believable. (And it’s not stuffed with medical detail, despite the fact that as a Medical Romance author I know where to do my research!) Somehow I managed to talk my editor into letting me have a cellist hero and an archaeologist heroine. And there’s a big chunk of the book set in Bath. So if you like Austen and period balls, you’ll enjoy the opening. If you love music, you’ll adore my hero. And if you like the same nerdy stuff that I do, you’ll thoroughly enjoy my heroine!

I’d wanted to use Bath as a setting for a while, and sneaked a research day there with my daughter — so I’ve tried the Bath waters, I fell utterly in love with certain buildings (!), and I was ecstatic at visiting the bath itself. (The curse tablets!! They might just crop up in the book…)

It’s dedicated to Julia, my editor — we’ve actually been friends for a couple of decades, well before either of us worked with M&B, and I’ve really enjoyed working with her.

You’ll enjoy this if you like archaeology, Bath, or music.

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