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imageMiracles at Muswell Hill duo, book 2

Mills & Boon Medical Romance, Dec 2017 ISBN: print 978-0263926750, ebook 978-1474051859

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Harlequin Medical Romance, Dec 2017 ISBN: print 978-0373744633, ebook 9781488020858

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One night before Christmas…

Dr Danielle Owens can’t help but be intrigued by hot, brooding IVF consultant Alex Morgan. Then Dani offers him a chance to unload, leading to one very intimate night and a life-changing consequence!

Alex wants to do the right thing, but is clearly troubled. And after her divorce Dani won’t commit to a man who doesn’t love her—even if she is pregnant! Alex wants Dani and their baby very much, but to win her he must confront the demon that has been holding him back!

Miracles at Muswell Hill Hospital
Christmas is a time for healing broken hearts!

Also released in the UK as a hardback (date , ISBN: ) Also released in Australia in paperback (date , ISBN:).

Behind the Book

The book’s about Dani, Hayley’s best friend in Christmas with Her Daredevil Doc; she’s strong, kind and caring but won’t let anyone near. Enter Alex, who’s discovered something about his family history that’s rocked him to the foundations and made him push everyone in his life away. And the worst possible thing that could happen for both of them is an accidental baby – which forces Alex to confront his worst fears.  (My editor cried at this one. A lot.)

It’s dedicated to Tony and Debbie (my husband’s best friend and his wife, who are as close as family to us).

You’ll enjoy this if you like weepies, accidental babies, overcoming the odds and strong heroines.

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