A Nurse and a Pup to Heal Him

imageMills & Boon Medical Romance, May 2017 ISBN: print 9780263926446, ebook 9781474051460

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Harlequin Medical Romance, Aug 2017 ISBN: print 9780373215263, ebook 9781488020469

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A nurse, her puppy…
And the family he never thought he’d have?

After losing his wife and baby to his best friend, guarded GP Ben Mitchell’s sworn off love. But nurse Toni Butler and her adorable therapy dog Archie are drawing him out of his shell. When a romantic weekend in Vienna leads to an unexpected pregnancy, Ben’s painfully reminded of the family he lost. What will it take for Ben to believe this family’s for keeps?

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Behind the Book

I’ve wanted to write a book about a therapy dog for AGES. So I nagged my editor. A lot. And my beloved pooch got to star in a book. (I know the cover is a golden retriever. They couldn’t find a spaniel. I did offer Archie’s modelling services…)

Anyway. It’s about Ben — who has a very unhappy marriage behind him and has completely lost his trust in love — and Toni, who was let down badly by her ex. Although they’ve both sworn off relationships, they fall in love. Except then Toni falls pregnant, and it brings Ben’s nightmare past back to haunt him…

The book’s set in my part of the world — Great Crowmell is a thinly disguised mash-up of two of my favourite places on the North Norfolk coast, and I’ve also borrowed the idea of a vintage weekend from the town in between. (Naturally I had to make my family go with me to said vintage weekend to check out the steam train and what have you, and I cruelly forced them to eat ice cream as well.)

You’ll enjoy this if you like: dogs, the beach, accidental baby books, Second World War memories

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