Archie and Dexter

If you’re a regular visitor to my Facebook page, Archie needs no introduction. If you’re not, then Archie is the English Springer Spaniel who’s the light of my life. He joined our family in November 2016, and is a huge character. He wants to be everyone’s best friend, he’s very bright, he’s very fond of poached salmon… and all the doors in our house have upside-down handles because otherwise he can open them. He keeps me company when I work, makes sure I get enough exercise and break for lunch (y’know – salmon), warms my feet and lets me know if anyone’s at the front door.

I loved him from the second we met him – he crawled onto my lap and fell asleep. He loves the beach and cuddles. And he’s an utter joy of a dog.


Dexter, Archie’s half-brother, joined us in May 2020, during lockdown, and has also brought much joy to us.

You can follow some of their adventures on my blog – look for the Pipsqueak Posts.