A Will, a Wish and a Wedding

Winner of the Libertà Books Shorter Romance Award 2021

Mills & Boon True Love Romance, Aug 2020 ISBN: print 9780263278972, ebook 9780008903817

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Harlequin Romance, Aug 2020 ISBN: print 9781335556455, ebook 9781488065026

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Will an unexpected legacy…
…lead to wedding bells?

Widowed architect Hugo Grey is stunned. His late great-aunt has bequeathed her house to Alice Walters—a complete stranger!—with the stipulation that Alice must recruit Hugo’s services to help convert the house into a butterfly center. Clearly his great-aunt knew something he doesn’t, because he and Alice clash over everything, which makes his attraction to the captivatingly feisty and beguiling butterfly expert even harder to ignore…

Also released in the UK as a hardback (ISBN 9780263087956) Also released in Australia in paperback (Aug 2020, ISBN 9781867212164).

Behind the Book

This is my 90th book for M&B and I think it’s one of my favourites. It’s set partly in London, partly in Sussex, and partly in my part of the world — Norfolk. So I had a lot of fun with my research team on this one and insisted on lots of butterfly-hunting visits. We went to Warham Camp (where the blue butterflies really are stunning – it’s also the best-preserved Iron Age hillfort in East Anglia) and to Wheatfen Broad (part of the Ted Ellis reserve – it’s home to Swallowtail butterflies, and although we weren’t lucky enough to see them on our visit we did get to see some amazing butterflies).

My best friend came with me to the Horniman Museum in London, where we got to spend ages in the butterfly house — I’d thoroughly recommend a visit there. Fabulous experience.

It’s dedicated to Gerard, Chris and Chloe (my husband and children), who’ve supported me through 90 M&Bs — thank you, guys!

You’ll enjoy this if you like architecture, butterflies, a weepie or a happy ending.

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