Surprise Heir for the Princess

Mills & Boon True Love Romance, March 2021 ISBN: print 9780263299557, ebook 9780008910129

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Harlequin Romance, April 2021 ISBN: print 9781335566966, ebook 9781488073762

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A secret royal escape
An unexpected consequence!

Princess Vittoria yearns to escape the pressures of her royal life. So, when she’s reunited with enigmatic photographer Liam MacCarthy at a party, she agrees to a secret beachside getaway. Vittoria knows she can never have a future with Liam, but under the stars, she gives in to their undeniable chemistry for one perfect night… Until Vittoria returns home to discover she’ll have more than memories to remember Liam by!

Also released in the UK as a hardback (date , ISBN: ) Also released in Australia in paperback (date , ISBN:).

Behind the Book

Back in the day I wrote a medical romance about a princess and a vet. Readers begged me to write her sister’s story. As it was part of a continuity, it didn’t fit in with the series so I wasn’t able to do it. But the idea of the princess and the photographer never left me, and finally I got to write a version of it (no connection to Penhally!).

This was me wondering how Roman Holiday could work in today’s world, with everyone having the media (a phone) in their pocket. And how can people in two such different worlds fit in together? And what if they’re perfect for each other but need a bit of a nudge? (I did behave. The sisters have a much more minor role than they did originally!)

It’s dedicated to my husband.

You’ll enjoy this if you like royal romances, bluebells, beaches and starry nights, one night with consequences, and Cinderella with a twist.

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