Fling with her Hot-Shot Consultant

Book 1 in the Changing Shifts duet (with Scarlet Wilson)

Mills & Boon Medical Romance, July 2020,  ISBN: print 9781335149497, ebook 9780008902575

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Harlequin Medical Romance, July 2020, ISBN: print 9781335149497, ebook 9781488066498

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Time’s running out…
…on their Highland fling!

Pediatrician Georgie Jones knows how she’s going to deal with the pain her cheating late husband caused – move to Edinburgh! The last thing she needs is to share a house with gorgeous consultant Ryan McGregor, but living under the same roof only intensifies their attraction! Their stolen kiss under the Northern Lights is inevitable, and potentially life-changing, if Georgie chooses to let her heart lead the way…

Also released in the UK as a hardback (date , ISBN: ) Also released in Australia in paperback (date , ISBN:).

Behind the Book

Scarlet Wilson and I are big fans of the film ‘The Holiday’, and we loved the idea of writing a duet where our heroines swapped jobs and homes for six months. So her heroine goes to London — and my heroine ends up sharing Clara’s cottage with Clara’s best friend… and his dog.

Outlander fans: yes, you’re thinking exactly the same as I am. I couldn’t resist setting a scene at Doune Castle (though that owes more to wonderful Monty Python).

I also borrowed Portobello Beach (because I love walking my own dog by the sea — Truffle is a chocolate Labrador, but probably has a lot in common with my Archie), and the Northern Lights (because I think the most romantic thing in the world must be to be kissed under the Northern Lights…).

It’s dedicated to Scarlet Wilson.

You’ll enjoy this if you like Scotland, dogs, the Northern Lights, books set in a children’s ward, and fish-out-of-water stories.

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