Mistletoe Proposal on the Children’s Ward

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From Santa…
…with love!

Children’s doctor Anna Maskell loves Christmas. But Muswell Hill Memorial’s new locum surgeon, Jamie Thurston, hates it! So Anna makes him a deal – if she teaches him to embrace Christmas again, he’ll play Santa to their little patients! But as Anna tempts him with the joys of the season, they also discover a connection neither expected. Can Jamie find the courage to give Anna what she truly needs this Christmas – his love?

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Behind the Book

I love Christmas. Like Anna, I love Christmas school performances, I love seeing all the Christmas lights, and I love carol concerts. Christmas with Anna’s family is very much like Christmas is here. (I manage to get ‘early Christmas’ with family we can’t see on the day, so basically I’m cooking Christmas dinner every weekend in December.) But equally I’m aware that Christmas is difficult for some people (I’m not good in the teen days of December – my mum died in that week, and I buried my dad in that week), so I get where Jamie’s coming from, too; before I had the children, I found Christmas a bit tough.

So this is a book about healing and overcoming the past; and it’s about love and family and happiness. And there’s a bit of ballet (my big love!) in there as well.

It’s dedicated to my husband and children, who make Christmas special for me.

You’ll enjoy this if you like Christmassy books and about people learning to love again.

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