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My new partner in crime…

I’ve been sitting on this news for a little while, but now I’m delighted to say that I’m branching out in a new direction!

Emily Gowers of Storm has acquired the first three books in my cosy crime series, the Georgina Drake mysteries.

I’m keeping some of it under wraps for the time being, but what you need to know is that it’s pure Kate Hardy. (I mentioned it to my M&B editors, who both said, ‘OMG, that is so YOU’ and want to read it now, but they have to wait!) So expect the usual stuff you get in my books: warm characterisation, a bit of quirkiness, Shakespeare, dogs, cake – and you’ll learn something new. If you like my romances, you’ll love my crime; and if you like my crime, you’ll love my romances.

The series is set in Norfolk, UK, in a village called Little Wenborough (which is a bit of a nod to the places where I grew up, plus the river I walk along with my boys), Georgina is a couple of years younger than I am, and like me is deaf. She’s about to acquire a Springer Spaniel (important for book 2 – and, yes, we all know who inspired that).

My research crew is still going to the same sort of places with me, but the new thing is ‘now, where could we hide a body?’ – though the fact that I’m dabbling with poison doesn’t seem to have stopped them demanding lunch out and cake…

I should add that I’m not giving up romance (I’m writing two books at the same time, which keeps my ADHD side very happy; and there’s a bit of romance coming up for Georgina), but I’m thrilled to bits about this new venture.

And I’ll let Storm tell you the rest 🙂