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Publication day: Finding Mr Right in Florence

imageToday is the official publication day of my 84th book for Mills & Boon, Finding Mr Right in Florence.

It all started because I love the TV series ‘Fake or Fortune’ – actually, I’ve wanted to do an art mystery book for years (that probably owes a bit to an episode of the TV drama ‘New Tricks’).

And if it’s art, it has to be Florence, right? So we ended up in Florence, researching the location. I rather fell in love with the Duomo (the best bits for me were climbing inside the Duomo, and seeing the amazing Roman mosaic peacock in the crypt – not to mention 13th-century tombs that still had their colour – have I mentioned before that I adore church architecture?). We also visited a lot of art galleries – the Uffizi made me cry (Botticelli), but I really loved the ‘modern’ art gallery. Now, my taste in art is very much 19th century (Burne-Jones in particular) or medieval (so Florence was right up my street), but ‘modern’ in Florence is 19th century. I loved the Macchiaioli paintings, so I borrowed some of them for my book – but my Florence painter is completely from my imagination.

I wanted this to be called ‘The Girl in the Window’ (after the painting in the book), but I never get to keep my titles. But I did get to enjoy Florence. And the poppy fields – this one wasn’t far from me.

If you’re wondering what happened to publication day for book 83 – I forgot to sort it out. Bad Author. Rubbish at pubicity! So I’ll leave you with a card from my publisher for book 84: Happy Book Birthday to me 🙂


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Writing news, 12 April 2018

Absolutely thrilled to say that my editor liked my revisions – so my 82nd Mills & Boon, A Diamond in the Snow, will be out later this year. It’s for the True Love line (aka Cherish until the rebrand earlier this year) and is all about a heroine who runs her family’s stately home and plans a weekend including a Regency ball to help raise funds to restore the house, and a hero who’s undergoing a massive lifestyle change and discovers love where he wasn’t expecting it. Add a fake fiance plot (I love these), some seriously nerdy foodie stuff (as in historically accurate foodie stuff – one of my pet subjects), Regency dancing (yes, I miss my ballroom lessons) and a slightly naughty dog (Archie, disguised as a Labrador) – oh yes, and Christmas! So if you like any of these, I hope you’ll enjoy the book.