Forever Family for the Midwife

Mills & Boon Medical Romance, November 2020 ISBN: print 9780008903107, ebook 9780008903060

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Harlequin Medical Romance, December 2020 ISBN: print 9781335149831, ebook 9781335149832

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Can he risk his heart…

…on the single mum?

Midwife Nathaniel has been wary of love ever since his girlfriend walked out after his accident. Until he meets obstetrician Rebecca! Their chemistry is undeniable, only she’s a widowed single mum with no interest in a relationship. As Nathaniel gradually breaks down her walls, and their spark becomes a flame, he knows they have something special… but are they ready to take a leap of faith, for a chance at forever?

Also released in the UK as a hardback (date , ISBN: ) Also released in Australia in paperback (date , ISBN:).

Behind the Book

There aren’t many male midwives in the UK, and I came across a newspaper article that fascinated me – and gave me a slightly different slant on the maternity ward!

But then… March 2020, lockdown happened, and I think it was one of the hardest books I’ve ever written. Like many of my author friends, I found it almost impossible to be creative. I didn’t enjoy reading, either. About the only thing that kept me sane while writing this book was the prospect of the new addition to our family – but the pup was born just after lockdown started, so we couldn’t even visit him!  (He was booked well before lockdown, and was very much wanted as he’s half-brother to our Archie. The breeder was lovely and sent us daily pictures and videos.) Dawn walks with Archie and lots of birdsong helped, and once lockdown ended and Dexter joined us I found I could write again.

It’s dedicated to my editors, Julia Williams and Chere Tricot.

You’ll enjoy this if you like second-chance stories and maternity settings.

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