Baby Miracle for the ER Doc

Mills & Boon Medical Romance, August 2021

ISBN: print 9780263297737, ebook 9780008915810

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Harlequin Romance, August 2021 ISBN: print 9781335408785, ebook 9780369712127

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Also released in the UK as a hardback (date , ISBN: ) Also released in Australia in paperback (date , ISBN:).

Behind the Book

It’s dedicated to my readers – because you got me through lockdown.

I wrote this duo during lockdown, and I have to admit it was a struggle. Interacting with readers on social media and sharing pics of our puppy (and the Pipsqueak stories, of how elder brother Archie taught him things) helped me through. At the end of lockdown, I discovered something else… and that is something that Florence uses to help Rob when he’s really struggling to rest, post-transplant. (Rob has a lot in common with me. I enjoyed writing a neurodiverse hero.)

You’ll enjoy this if you like emergency medicine, polar opposites, and something a little bit different.

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