Finding Mr Right in Florence

imageMills & Boon True Love Romance, March 2019 ISBN: print 9780263272291, ebook 9781474090933

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Harlequin Romance, March 2019 ISBN: print xxx, ebook xx

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Will the greatest love story… Lead her to true love?

Leading art historian Mariana Thackeray’s happy to lose herself in researching the world’s greatest love stories. Until gorgeous billionaire Angelo Beresford invites her to his grandfather’s art collection, and she finds herself swept away to Florence and lost…in him!

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Behind the Book

I’m a huge fan of the art history TV series ‘Fake or Fortune’ – and I love, love, love Victorian art. So I couldn’t resist writing my own version of an art historian finding the truth behind a painting. I had to rewrite it twice (my editor pointed out that I’d got so caught up in my art quest that I’d ignored the romance between my hero and heroine). But I did get to research it in Florence, and rather fell in love with the city…

You’ll enjoy this if you like: Italy, art, mysteries that need solving.

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