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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 44: the one with the Twilight Bark [video]

Archie: There’s this book Mum really loved when she was little – 101 Dalmatians.
Dexter: Why not 101 English Springers?
Archie: Good point, Pipsqueak. But anyway, they did this thing called the Twilight Bark to tell all the other dogs about the missing puppies, and they passed it on. So I was thinking. This was years and years and years ago, even before Mum was born — they didn’t have the internet, then. But we do now. And you know all Edit-paw-ial Assistants sit with their pet authors — so if Mum posts our video, we can send a message to all the dogs in the world because they’ll listen when their pet authors play the video.
Dexter: So it’ll be the Internet Bark.
Archie: Exactly.
Dexter: What are we going to say? Salmon is yummy?
Archie: That’s a good one. Let’s go!

[Author note: after I originally posted the video on Facebook, various friends have said that their dogs heard this and started barking… so maybe Archie and Pipsqueak are onto something!]