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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 36: the one with the first visit to the seaside [video]

Dexter: Arch, what’s the seaside?

Archie: It’s a brilliant place, Pipsqueak. We can run and run. Well, Mum and Dad will put you on a long lead to keep you safe, but I can run.

Dexter: Like the park and the river?

Archie: Better. You can dig without being distracted, and you can jump at the waves in the sea. And there’s a cafe that sells warm sausage rolls – we get one before we go home!

Dexter: I like sausage. Yum.

(Car ride – this time, Dexter doesn’t yell all the way.)

Dexter: Wow! The smells! The feel of sand underfoot! (I can dig! Dig!! Dig!!!) 

(Dexter enjoys playing ball and running.) 

Dexter (running to the sea and following Archie in) : yay!

Archie: I told you how much you’d love it here, Pipsqueak.

Dexter: After a long day running and jumping (and your first sausage roll from the beach cafe), there’s nothing better than curling up with the parents and your brother on the sofa and having a nap…