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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 43: the one with My Bruvver (by Archie)

(With more apologies to Terry Scott)

Who keeps me awake at night,
Who can’t inhibit his bite (and those teeth are sharp, I tell ya),
Who’s an utter, utter fright?
My brother!


My brother says it wasn’t he
Who dug all the holes that you see —
My brother said that it was me…
My brother’s rotten!

Who likes to play with a tennis ball,
Who likes to play rough and tumble brawl,
Who drives me right up the wall?
My brother!

Who thinks that I am the best (well, Mum does as well),
Who’s a Pipsqueak and a pest,
Who am I rude about in jest?
My lovely, lovely brother…