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The Pipsqueak Posts, episode 39: the one with the mini-me

Dexter: Everyone says I look like you, Arch.
Archie: That’s because we have the same dad.
Dexter: What’s a mini-me?
Archie, sighing: Someone who looks like you and acts like you, but is littler than you.
Dexter: I get it. I’m your mini-me.
Archie, wincing: Yes, Pipsqueak.
Dexter: So I have to copy you. Like when we do Neighbourhood Watch Dog duty.
Archie: Yes.

ep 33-01 neighbourhood watch dogs

Dexter: And napping on the sofa.
Archie: Yes.

ep 33-02 napping

Dexter: And lying like you do on the floor.
Archie: Yes.

ep 33-03 on floor

Dexter: And having gorgeous golden eyes…