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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 32: the one with the band

Dexter: Psst, Arch – turn your back on me and look moody!
Archie: I’m too busy chewing your tennis ball, Pipsqueak. Why do you want me to look moody?


Dexter: Because if I do the same, it’ll be cool picture. Like edgy album art. We could borrow Dad’s guitar and start a band…
Archie: I’ll do the picture, but we’re not starting a band.
Dexter: I can see it now. ‘The Spaniel Brothers.’ Like that film. You can be the fat one.
Archie: Oi! Cheeky!
Dexter (trying to be conciliatory) : I mean, you’re the oldest so you can be Jake, the lead singer, and I’ll be Elwood. We’re on a mission.
Archie: What mission?
Dexter: To get the band together.
Archie: What band?
Dexter: A blues band! We tried Gilbert and Sullivan, and we were great at that. Now we can be a blues band. Like Joe Bone-amassa. (Mum loves him.)
Archie: (hides head under paws)
Dexter (on a roll) : We can borrow Dad’s dog-walking hat and Mum’s sunglasses.
Archie (giving in and indulging his little brother) : Like this?

Dexter: Yeah! You look really cool, Arch. We can sing Hound Dog, Black Dog, Black-Eyed Dog, Me and You and a Dog Named Boo, Love Me Love My Dog… oh, wait, the first song of the set should be Puppy Love!
Archie: Oh, Pipsqueak…