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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 28: the one with the Really Busy Hour

Dexter, after a busy hour:

ep25-01 busyToday I have:

    • chased round the garden (a lot)
    • brought in a branch from the rose by the back door (aren’t you supposed to give your mum flowers?)
    • waited until my mum had finished clearing up poo in the garden and washed her hands, then did another one (so did Arch — it was his idea)
    • scoffed porridge
    • yapped a lot
    • wriggled through the TV cabinet and tried to chew wires
    • tested my teeth on EVERYTHING
    • been told NO a lot (apparently that’s connected with the two things above – especially when I waited until Mum had a mouthful of cold coffee before sinking my teeth into her ankle)
    • been in time-out four times (Arch is right — Mum is the strict parent)
    • decided that Archie’s right and the hoover is scary
    • cuddled up to Archie for two seconds before having the puppy crazies and running round again (he told me off this morning, too, and Mum said that’s why she tells me not to pull his tail and I need to be taken down a peg)
    • played with four different balls, my raggy, my bee and my new teething chew that Dad bought yesterday


Now I’m tired. Apparently, so is everyone else…

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