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The Pipsqueak Posts Episode 63: the one with the brown-eyed dog

Dexter: Arch, we could do a song today. After Van Morrison. Brown-eyed dog.
Archie: Pipsqueak, neither of us has really brown eyes.
Dexter: Golden-eyed dog doesn’t scan properly. Hmm. So we can’t do Nick Drake, either? ‘Black-eyed dog he knew my name…’ Awooo!
Archie: Pipsqueak, you barely answer to your name. Unless someone rattles the biscuits.
Dexter: Please? Pretty please with extra bacon?
Archie: All right. We’ll do brown-eyed dog.
Dexter: With extemporised bits.
Archie: It’s sooooo hot this week. We need ice cream. If we sing loudly enough, maybe Dad will buy us each a mini whippy cone…


(With apologies to Van Morrison – and thanks to Chloe for the suggestion)
Hey where did we go
Days when the sun came (and it was too hot)
Down in the tree-shade
Too hot to play games
Woofing and a-running, hey hey,
Pouncing and a-jumping
In the boiling hot sunshine with
Our hearts a-thumping and you
My brown-eyed dog
You, my brown-eyed dog…

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