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The Pipsqueak posts, Episode 59: the one with yoga

Dexter: I’m taking up yoga. Starting with the downward dog. Watch.
Archie, laughing: That’s a play bow, Pipsqueak — like the one you’re supposed to do at Puppy Class if you want to play with one of the other pups. I wish you’d do that with me instead of biting my ears.
Dexter: Mum says if humans do it, it’s called a downward dog. The aim of yoga is to relax. Strike a pose, and relaaaaaaaax.

(Dexter falls asleep while demonstrating)

Archie: That can’t possibly be comfortable. I mean, his ears are always inside out, but right now his head’s off the ground. So’s his front leg. I’d better go and squeak a tennis ball to wake him up, or he’s going to hurt, later…