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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 66: the one with the punk pup

Dexter: Arch, what’s punk?
Archie: It’s that really loud stuff Dad plays that only has three chords and people shouting because they can’t sing.
Dexter: Riiiight. So why does Mum say I look like a punk pup?
Archie, laughing: Because you do, Pipsqueak. Half the time your ears are inside out, and the other half the time bits of hair stick up. And you’ve got that bit on top of your head that looks like a mini Mohican.
Dexter: But you’ve got a bit that looks all sticky-up on the top of your head, too.
Archie: Yeah. Our dad has it as well. His mum calls it ‘Bonkers Bits’.
Dexter: Haha! Right. So this punk stuff. Let’s see what the songs are like. Oh, they definitely need to change some of these titles. Smash It Up should be Chew It Up, like I’ve done with the kitchen roll inner tube and scattered everywhere. Sound of the Suburbs — well, that’d be much better as Sound of Dogs Barking. And Pretty Vacant is so obviously Pretty Spaniels.
Archie: We’re so pretty, oh so pretty — we’re spaaaaaan-yels!
Dexter: Oi! I want to be the lead singer, so I get to be in front in the promo pics…