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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 24: the one with the first walk on the lead

Archie: Pipsqueak, FINALLY! We can go for walkies.

Dexter: What’s walkies?

Archie: Walkies is the Best Thing Ever. You’re too little to go very far so you won’t get to the fields yet, but we can go round the little block. First of all, you have to go out of the front door.


Dexter: What? Hey? Where am I going? Where are you going? Why is there a yellow tie thing on my collar?

Archie: We’re going round the block. The tie thing is a lead. It means we have to stay close to Mum. If it’s safe — at the park or the beach — she lets us off the lead so we can run around.

Dexter: So we just walk.

Archie: Pipsqueak, that’s the point of going out for a walk. We walk! It’s an important Edit-paw-ial Assistant duty. We get all the nice smells, Mum has time to think about the plot of her book, we sometimes get to say hello to other dogs and neighbours, and it’s fun. If Dad comes we walk a bit more slowly. And eventually Mum will take us both out together and we walk side by side…


Dexter: This is cool! I like walkies.

Archie: You wait until proper walkies training starts. You get bits of sausage…


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