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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 25: the one with the teddies

Archie (mournfully) : Our friend bought you a teddy. I am not allowed lovely soft squeaky toys.

Dexter, with rounded eyes: Why?

Archie: Because I shred them within five minutes. But that teddy is so cute. I neeeed one. If I steal it often enough, maybe Mum will give in and get me one, too…

Next day:

Archie: Yay! Pipsqueak, we have matching teddies, and I’ve got a big one because I’m so tall! Pipsqueak, don’t run in the house or you’ll fall on your fac— Oh. You already did.


A little later:

Dexter: Psst, Arch — you really like the little one, don’t you? That big one is SO COOL. Wanna swap?

Archie: It’s bigger than you are, but you can have a play with it if you want. And, yeah, give me yours and I’ll chew it a bit to make it softer for you. We’ll swap back in five minutes.

A little later still:

Archie: I have a great idea. These teddies have rope in them instead of stuffing, which means we can play tug. That’s a great game. I used to play it with my brothers when I was your age. One, two, three, go!