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The arrival of Dexter

We have a new arrival in the house – Archie’s baby half-brother, Dexter. They have the same father but different mums; but there are distinct family resemblances in some of their markings, and they have the same sweet, joyful nature.

He’s settled in very well – here he is just arriving home.



He absolutely adores my daughter, husband and son.

Archie isn’t too sure of him at the moment, but is allowing him a little closer every day. We’re taking it at his pace; he’s a lovely-tempered, well-socialised dog who wants to be friends with everyone, but it must be a bit of a shock to find the space you’ve occupied for three and a half years to suddenly have a pipsqueak in it. We’re making a fuss of him and ensuring he gets treats first.

Dexter will grow up to be Junior Edit-paw-ial Assistant (Archie is obviously Senior EPA). Duties include napping at my feet and sitting nicely for the last couple of spoons of porridge at breakfast, and as you can see Archie is taking his training duties seriously.

The early-morning walkies needs rescheduling (can’t leave the pup alone for an hour, and although the kids are home for lockdown they don’t fancy a 6am start), but I have discovered that a plot-walk can be replaced by plot-puppy-cuddling. And I’m working when baby’s asleep!