Writing life

Planet Kate, 23 September 2018

What’s happening in my world, this week (and a catchup on the last month) :

  • Work: writing M&B #85 (Medical Romance set in a GP surgery with a PAT dog); and faffing about with my Big Book;
  • Reading: (Long list as it was a month) The House by the Lake, Ella Carey; The Unfinished Garden, Barbara Claypole White; Secret Seduction, Susan Napier; The Face of a Stranger, Anne Perry; A Dangerous Mourning, Anne Perry; Defend and Betray, Anne Perry; The Sheikh’s Mail Order Bride, Marguerite Kate; Whistles After Dark, April Taylor; The Accident, C L Taylor; The Fear, C L Taylor; The Emerald Comb, Kathleen McGurl; The Brighton Mermaid, Dorothy Koomson; The Lost Letters, Sarah Mitchell; The Memory Collector, Fiona Harper; The Daughters of Red Hill Hall, Kathleen McGuril
    Looking forward to: Mark Watson at Norwich Playhouse
  • Workouts: managing twice a week at the gym at the moment, as well as dogwalks – go, me!
  • Planet Kate last month or so: both teens at home, working hard, Marcus Brigstocke at Norwich Playhouse, the annual M&B author lunch, various research trips involving 1940s stuff (steam train, air bases) and beach walks with dog, and taking eldest back to uni
  • Fave pic from the last month: sunrise (aka my favourite bit of the day: dogwalk), sunset at Hunstanton, and louring clouds at Cromer.