Writing life

Planet Kate 20 August 2018

What’s happening in my world, this week:

  • Work: Finishing revisions on book 84 then working on writing M&B #85 (Medical Romance set in a GP surgery with a PAT dog); updating my website one backlist book per day; and faffing about with my Big Book;
  • Reading: Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar (reread for Chloe so she can bounce ideas off me for her long essay – I didn’t enjoy it this time round, either, although some of the writing was beautiful – I couldn’t warm to the central character); Louisa George, The Secret Art of Forgiveness (really enjoyed); Sophia Jenkins, The Forgotten Guide to Happiness (enjoyed); Jan Jones, A Question of Thyme (fantastic)
  • Looking forward to: a quiet week, working
  • Workouts: I must get back to the gym!
  • Planet Kate last week: revisions, revisions, and sneaky trips to the seaside to clear my head. And starting soya isoflavones and sage tablets for hot flushes as they’re becoming miserable. (So far, not working… but I need to give it a couple of weeks.) Also had a trip to Jimmy’s for a family meet-up which was utterly lovely. Chloe was going to drive – but her L-plates blew away so she had to pull into the next lay by and swap with me.
  • Fave pic from the last week: an owl butterfly (which is massive), Archie  under my desk, and the sunset at Brancaster