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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 44: the one with the Twilight Bark [video]

Archie: There’s this book Mum really loved when she was little – 101 Dalmatians.
Dexter: Why not 101 English Springers?
Archie: Good point, Pipsqueak. But anyway, they did this thing called the Twilight Bark to tell all the other dogs about the missing puppies, and they passed it on. So I was thinking. This was years and years and years ago, even before Mum was born — they didn’t have the internet, then. But we do now. And you know all Edit-paw-ial Assistants sit with their pet authors — so if Mum posts our video, we can send a message to all the dogs in the world because they’ll listen when their pet authors play the video.
Dexter: So it’ll be the Internet Bark.
Archie: Exactly.
Dexter: What are we going to say? Salmon is yummy?
Archie: That’s a good one. Let’s go!

[Author note: after I originally posted the video on Facebook, various friends have said that their dogs heard this and started barking… so maybe Archie and Pipsqueak are onto something!]

Archie and Dexter, Pipsqueak posts, Writing life

The Pipsqueak Posts, episode 38: the one with the ice cream [video]

Archie: Pipsqueak! Hear those chimes? That means it’s the ice cream van!

Dexter: What’s ice cream?

Archie: Something we have once a year at the beach or if the ice cream man comes round. It’s the yummiest thing ever. We’re not allowed it very often because it’s bad for your teeth. We get a baby-sized cone – well, I will. Yours might be a bit smaller. You don’t want to get brain-freeze, not when you have a Very Little Brain…

Dexter: Oi!

(two minutes later)

Archie and Dexter: Yummmmmmm…

(And, because film really shows it better…)

Archie and Dexter, Pipsqueak posts, Writing life

The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 36: the one with the first visit to the seaside [video]

Dexter: Arch, what’s the seaside?

Archie: It’s a brilliant place, Pipsqueak. We can run and run. Well, Mum and Dad will put you on a long lead to keep you safe, but I can run.

Dexter: Like the park and the river?

Archie: Better. You can dig without being distracted, and you can jump at the waves in the sea. And there’s a cafe that sells warm sausage rolls – we get one before we go home!

Dexter: I like sausage. Yum.

(Car ride – this time, Dexter doesn’t yell all the way.)

Dexter: Wow! The smells! The feel of sand underfoot! (I can dig! Dig!! Dig!!!) 

(Dexter enjoys playing ball and running.) 

Dexter (running to the sea and following Archie in) : yay!

Archie: I told you how much you’d love it here, Pipsqueak.

Dexter: After a long day running and jumping (and your first sausage roll from the beach cafe), there’s nothing better than curling up with the parents and your brother on the sofa and having a nap…


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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 34: the one with Underneath the Archie… [video]

Dexter: Hey, Arch – I heard this song, the other day. ‘Underneath the Archie’, I think it was. And it’s given me a great idea for a game. You stand there and pretend to be a bridge. I’ll walk underneath you, carrying a tennis ball. And then I’m going Underneath the Archie… Hahaha! Geddit?

Archie: Oh, Pipsqueak…

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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 31: the one with the first visit to the park [video]

Archie: Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, we’re off to the park!

Dexter: What’s the park?


Archie: It’s a place of wonder. Lots and lots of grass to run around on and play ball, a river to paddle in, and there’s a cafe that does sausages for dogs. Mum or Dad will carry you when you get tired. They’ll put you on the extending lead so you don’t get scared or lost. Just follow me.

(a few minutes later)

Dexter: All the smells! I must sniff every blade of grass. I must run! Run!

(a few minutes later)

Archie: Time for a paddle in the river!

Dexter: This is even better than the paddling pool. 


Archie: And now for ball!

Dexter: I’m tired, now. I want to sit down. But you’re right. The park is GREAT!



Archie and Dexter, Pipsqueak posts, Writing life

The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 19: the one with the big toys [video]

Dexter: Archie keeps telling me I’m too little to play with his toys. We’ll see about that. I have a dinky tennis ball but I like the big ones too.

And the Raggy. It might be bigger than me, but I can pull it around, just like I can pull Archie’s teddy around (also bigger than me).

And this big ball — I can move it.


And then I found an even BIGGER ball to play with…