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The Pipsqueak Posts, Episode 73: the one with the dining room chair

Dexter: Arch, I’m hungry.

Archie: Pipsqueak, you’re always hungry.

Dexter: How can I get Mum to give me more dinner?

Archie: To be fair, when you pushed your bowl round the floor, she gave you more kibble.

Dexter: I don’t want kibble. I want yummy roast turkey and sausages with bacon.

Archie: No chance.

Dexter: There must be something.

Archie: You could try making her laugh. Sit on the dining room chair and she’ll get the hint that you want your dinner.

(Dexter sits on the dining room chair and woofs: where’s my dinner?)

Archie: Woofing is going to get you told off for being pushy, Pipsqueak. You need to look like a poor, hungry, hard-done-by spaniel. Like this…