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The Pipsqueak Posts Episode 2: the one where Dexter settles in

Dexter says: this is my bed, and Mum said I was to let Archie sleep in his bed and stick to mine. When Archie stops giving me the cold shoulder, we will see about that. I cuddled up to all my baby brothers and my sister, so I reckon I can cuddle up to my big brother, too. 


In the meantime, I be(e) teething… (Archie says: Mum cannot resist cheesy puns. Dad says it’s her age but I think she’s always been like it. Mum is also not allowed in the pet shop without adult supervision. Apparently she buys too many toys. I don’t get it because you can never have too many tennis balls.)


Their pet romance author adds: my hands are very full right now, so I’m working currently on the same basis that I did when the children were small – work when the baby naps!