Writing life

Planet Kate, 23 July 2018

What’s happening in my world, this week:

  • Work: finishing M&B #84 (True Love Romance set in Florence/art world); feeling guilty about not updating my website one backlist book per day; and pretty much ignoring my Big Book;
  • Reading: The Flower Arrangement, Ella Griffin (enjoyed); Somewhere Beyond the Sea, Miranda Dickinson (enjoyed)
  • Looking forward to: Othello at the Globe on Friday
  • Workouts: big fat failure – I am out of time, and the scales this morning were not nice so I need to try harder
  • Planet Kate last week: a few days away in Buckinghamshire – visited Waddesdon Manor (where I loved the fountain and was intrigued by the Sèvres ice cream cups), Stowe (fabulous gardens) and Bletchley Park (really, really interesting); also The Mystery Plays at the Cathedral, which were very well done indeed (and I throughly enjoyed the Norwich accents in Cain and Abel).
  • Fave pic from the last week: the fountain at Waddesdon, one of the lakes at Stowe, and an Enigma machine from Bletchley.