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Welcome to my website! I'm Kate Hardy and I write Cherish (Harlequin Romance) and Medical Romances for Harlequin Mills & Boon. If you like your romance full of warmth, heart and charm, you'll enjoy meeting my heroes and heroines.

I also write local history books as Pamela Brooks.

What's New?

I'm currently writing my 71st Mills & Boon, a Medical Romance, and thinking about a Cherish/Harlequin Romance duo (spookily - I was doing exactly the same thing at this time last year!).

New Books and work in progress

My newest book is 'Her Playboy's Proposal', available Jan 2015 in the US, UK and Aus. I'm very pleased to say that you can now order my Medical Romances in the US in print, at Amazon and B&N.

You can follow the progress of my work in progress on my blog (though I'm not brilliant at keeping the blog updated!) and get in touch with me on Facebook, where I tend to talk about books, music, films, cake and the gym - if you want to 'like' my official Facebook author page, just click on the link below.

What's on the site?

You can find more information about my books, both novels and non-fiction - including reviews, excerpts and the stories behind the books. There's also a bit about me, a blog (aka my writing diary, which I update quite sporadically but will try harder in 2016 - Facebook is where you'll get the really hottest news!), tips for writers, and the food of love - a subject I'm quite passionate about! On my blog, you'll also find links for research (medical, local history and general writing), limbering up your writing brain (which my husband calls 'playing' - nooo, of course it's work) and other authors' blogs and websites, plus my favourite romance hangouts.

Enjoy your visit!

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Her Playboy's Proposal - available in stores in the UK and Aus, and all online book retailers in the UK, US and Aus


Falling for Mr December - available in stores in the UK, Aus and US, plus Amazon and B&N


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