His Honourable Surgeon

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Book 3 in the Posh Docs trilogy


Mills & Boon Medical Romance

May 2006

ISBN: 0263847284


Harlequin Medical Romance

July 2006

ISBN: 0373065566

A high-society surgeon...and the consultant next door

The Honourable Victoria Radley is almost too honourable a doctor for her own good! Highly ambitious and devoted to her patients - there's no time for love in her life, much to the paparazzi's dismay!

New consultant neurologist Jake Lewis quickly recognises Vicky's qualities. They might be polar opposites, and their backgrounds couldn't be more different, yet the two become inseparable - once Jake has persuaded her he won't be a distraction from her work!

Then suddenly a potentially life-threatening condition leaves their relationship hanging in the balance. Except Vicky realises Jake is the only man who can help her.

Also released in the UK as a hardback (March 2006, ISBN: 026319082X) and a large print hardback (November 2006, ISBN: 9780263188912). Also released in Australia in paperback (June 2006, ISBN: 0733568564).


Behind the Book

The youngest of the Radley siblings is Vicky. The Honourable Victoria Radley believes that, as a woman, she has to work twice as hard to get through the glass ceiling. What she really wants out of life is to blaze a trail in medicine and become professor of neurology - but this means she has to give up her personal life.

Consultant neurologist Jake Lewis doesn't have a personal life, either - he spends his spare time raising money to help a stroke unit, which is named after the grandmother who brought him up. He falls for Vicky instantly - but no way will an Hon. be interested in an East End boy. . . or will she?

Despite themselves, they have a passionate affair. Things are perfect, until Vicky literally has to put her life in Jake's hands. And when she raises the stakes, so does Jake. . .

It's dedicated to my friend Wendy Wootton.

As usual, my heroine's a great cook - the recipe from this book is beef stroganoff , which is one of my favourite dinner-party recipes. Oh, and this is the low-fat version!

Read a Bit


'Isn't she the most gorgeous baby you've ever seen?'

Vicky cuddled her new niece and hid her grin. If anyone had told her a year ago that her middle brother would be completely besotted with a baby, she'd have laughed - Seb had been the ultimate playboy and had run a mile from children. Now he was married with a daughter. And it looked as if Chloë Victoria Radley was going to have her daddy wrapped right round her tiny little finger. 'Yes, Seb. She's lovely.'

'And Alyssa and I wondered if you'd do us a favour,' Seb continued.

Babysit? Sure - except she couldn't see him letting his daughter out of his sight for long enough! 'What?' she asked.

'Would you be her godmother?'

Godmother. It'd be the nearest Vicky ever came to having children of her own. Her older brothers might be happily married and settled down, but it wasn't for her. She didn't have time to be a wife and mother - not if she wanted to become professor of neurology, because the glass ceiling was still well and truly there. To prove herself, she'd already had to work twice as hard as the men in her field. Which meant making sacrifices. That meant no serious relationships - and no baby.

Though, holding Chloë in her arms and breathing in that sweet new-baby smell, for a brief second Vicky wondered if it was worth it.

Then she banished the doubt. Of course it was. It was what she'd always wanted to be, ever since she was tiny. To be a senior doctor and really make a difference. And she knew she couldn't have it all - so what was the point in wondering 'what if'?

'Vic?' Seb looked worried. 'Are you all right?'

'I'm fine.'

'No, you're not. You're working too hard. Vic, I know you want to be professor - and I also know you'll make it. But don't kill yourself in the process.'

'I'm fine,' Vicky repeated. 'Don't nag.'

'I could set Alyssa on you. Or Sophie. Or both.'

Vicky smiled. 'It won't work, Seb.' Her sisters-in-law were both doctors, too - Alyssa worked in emergency medicine and Sophie was a surgeon. 'They know the score.'

For a moment, she thought Seb was going to argue; then he gave a resigned sigh. 'All right. I'll shut up about that. So, will you?'


'Be godmother.' Seb rolled his eyes. 'Hopeless. Ask you a question about neurosurgery and you'll talk for hours. Ask you about something social. . .'

'I'm not that much of a nerd. And thank you, I'd be honoured to be godmother.' Vicky smiled. 'Especially as you named my very first niece after me.'

'If she has half your qualities, I'll be proud of her,' Seb said.

Vicky blinked. Was she hearing things? Had her brother - who normally teased her stupid - just paid her an incredible compliment? 'Marriage has definitely made you soppy.'

'No. I've realised what's important. And there's more to life than your job.'

Vicky had a nasty feeling she knew what was coming next. 'Don't you dare try to matchmake. I'm perfectly happy as I am. I stayed out of it with you and Charlie.'

'Liar. You arranged to sell me, to buy Charlie some time away from the paparazzi's attention so he could work things out with Sophie. And you as good as told Alyssa she had to marry me.'

'Don't listen to your daddy,' Vicky informed her niece. 'I didn't interfere at all. I just pointed a few things out and helped them see their way, a little.'

'And I'm very glad you did,' Alyssa said, joining them in the living room. 'Has Seb asked you?'

'Yes. And I'm delighted to accept.'

'Good.' Alyssa smiled warmly at her. 'Though he's right. You do work too hard, Vic.'

'And I like being that way. End of discussion,' Vicky said. Though she was canny enough to go for the ultimate distraction, where new parents were concerned. 'Are Chloë's official photographs back, yet?'

To her relief, both Alyssa and Seb took the bait and were soon clucking over their baby's first official photographs - and Vicky's personal life was left where she liked it best.




Jake walked quietly into the neurology department in the middle of the Wednesday morning - the day before he was supposed to start. A bit sneaky, perhaps, but he knew it was the best way to see what his new department was really like. When nobody was on their best behaviour, waiting for their new consultant to turn up.

Everything seemed fine. The department was busy, but calm and quiet: clearly the team was well established. The ward was clean and there were gel dispensers by every bed: another good sign. He'd worked in some truly horrible places where the admin staff wasted money left, right and centre and important things - like basic hygiene - suffered.

There was a board to say where the doctors and senior nursing staff were, and another to show who was looking after which patient, so communications were good too. It was definitely a well-run department.

And then a woman stepped out in front of him. She was clearly a doctor, because she was wearing an open white coat and there was a hospital identity badge round her neck on a lanyard. Though she was the most gorgeous woman he'd ever set eyes on. Tall - nearly five feet ten, he'd guess, because in heels she could look him in the eye. Long, long legs, and her dark suit didn't hide the fact that she was all curves. Dark wavy hair, caught back at the nape of her neck. Slate-blue eyes. And the most kissable mouth he'd ever seen.

Every nerve in his body hummed. For a moment, he forgot where he was. Who he was. He just wanted to take that one step forward, pull her into his arms, loosen her hair, bend her back over his arm and kiss her. Just like in the movies.

'Can I help you? Are you looking for someone?'

The plummy accent shattered the dream and brought him back to reality. Sex goddesses didn't have silver spoons in their mouths, and this one was definitely posh - and rich, because on closer inspection that suit looked as if it was a designer cut. Plus, in his experience, doctors of that class who weren't working in private practice were usually just waiting in a cushy niche until something better came along.

Add the fact that she was just about to become his colleague, and that put her way off limits. On the rare times he did date, it was never another member of staff in his department. He'd seen first-hand what a mess it made at work when the relationship ended. Awkwardness at work, the headache of working out new rotas so the once-close couple were on opposite shift patterns. . . It just wasn't worth it.

Even if she was the first woman in a long time to make his skin tingle like that.

'Thank you, but I'm fine,' he said coolly.

Though he couldn't just pretend he'd wandered in off the street. He'd have to work with her - Dr Victoria Radley, according to her ID card - tomorrow, and playing games now would just make things awkward later on. Better tell the truth. 'I'm Jake Lewis.' He held out his hand.

'You're a day early.'

He felt the flush steal over his cheekbones, and was cross with himself for it. He was her senior, for goodness' sake. Why was he acting as if he were the naughty schoolboy and she were the headmistress? 'I was passing, so I thought I'd drop in.'


Drop in? More like he was giving them the once-over before he started, Vicky thought.

Which was just what she would have done, in his shoes.

From the book His Honourable Surgeon by Kate Hardy.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance
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From Cataromance: romantic, moving and engrossing from the first page to the last - 4.5 stars

His Honourable Surgeon is the latest terrific page-turner from Kate Hardy which will make you laugh and cry. Kate Hardy is a fantastic storyteller who draws you into her story from the very first page by creating characters which the reader instantly connects with. Victoria is a woman we can all identify with and Jake is absolutely irresistible. Kate Hardy creates such marvelous heroes - men who are sexy, strong and gorgeous with hearts of gold and Jake is no exception!

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