Her Celebrity Surgeon

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Book 1 in the Posh Docs trilogy


Winner of the Cataromance Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Medical 2006


Mills & Boon Medical Romance

January 2006

ISBN: 0263847047


Harlequin Medical Romance

March 2006

ISBN: 0373065396


Harlequin Presents Extra (as The Millionaire Boss's Reluctant Mistress)

May 2009

ISBN: 9780373527199

Playboy baron?

Fiery registrar Sophie Harrison has never been more furious! She is convinced the new Director of Surgery has only been appointed for his title. Baron Rupert Charles Radley is a man never out of the gossip rags, with a different woman in tow each week! Plus, experience tells her not to trust men of his class. . .

Or top-notch doc?

Charlie turns out to be gorgeous! Yet, after being stalked by paparazzi and finding pictures of the two of them splashed across Celebrity Life magazine, Sophie is determined to keep a low profile. Except she's slowly learning that beneath the prestige, title - and white coat - is a genuine, caring and very sexy man!

Also released as:

  • UK hardback (November 2005, ISBN: 0263188477)
  • UK large print hardback (July 2006, ISBN: 9780263188752)
  • Australian paperback (February 2006, ISBN: 0733566979)


Behind the Book

I wanted to write another trilogy - but this time I wanted to do something different. I wanted Royal Doctors. (Well, one of them's a baron and his siblings are Hons - which is why the trilogy is called 'Posh Docs'.)

I also wanted to explore plastic surgery - and had a wonderful time exploring surgical textbooks!

So we have Charlie, who wants to be seen as a doctor first, but feels that people see him as posh first and a person second; and Sophie, who detests what she terms as upper-class twits.

It's dedicated to my friends Maggie, Sue and Sandy.

Sophie's mum cooks the most fabulous coriander spice cake - this is one of my favourites (made by my own mum!) from my student days. When my ed read the book, she said she hoped this cake was going to be the book's recipe - and was delighted to find that it is!)

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Half past eight. Sophie groaned inwardly. She'd probably missed the party for Guy's promotion to Director of Surgery, but no way could she have left her patient in the middle of the operating table. And she never, but never, left the ward until her patients had been round from the anaesthetic for at least half an hour. You never knew, with surgery: one moment, your patient was fine; the next, all hell could be let loose and you might even need to go back into Theatre.

But when she finally made it into the wine bar opposite the hospital, Guy was on his own. 'Don't tell me that rotten lot went off to get food and gave you the short straw of waiting till I got here, when it's your party?' she asked.

'No. The party's off.'


He shrugged. 'The job went to an external candidate.'

'Oh, Guy. I'm so sorry.' He was a brilliant surgeon and a nice bloke, too: it really wasn't fair. 'I was so sure. . .'

'It means you're stuck where you are, too, Soph.'

Because she'd been in line for promotion to Guy's job. She waved her hand to protest at his bitter tone. 'Hey. My promotion wasn't a given, anyway. They couldn't advertise the job until your promotion had been announced - and I might not even have made it to the interview stage, anyway.' She could see in his face that he was brooding. And he'd had more than his share of hassles this year, with an acrimonious divorce. His wife had blamed her affair on Guy spending too much time on his career. Time that clearly hadn't paid off.

'Come on. Let's have a commiseration drink, instead. I'll shout you a curry. We can put the world to rights, and stick two fingers up at the hospital board - who clearly can't see talent when it's two millimetres in front of their noses.'

'You're good for my ego.'

Not as good as Abby would have been - Guy's house officer, who'd admitted to Sophie in the changing rooms a few weeks ago that she had the hots for Guy - but Sophie could work on that. A few judiciously dropped hints, and maybe Guy would see what was two millimetres in front of his nose.

When they'd settled themselves comfortably in the local curry house and ordered their meal, Sophie turned the conversation back Guy's bad news.

'I hate to rub salt in your wounds, Guy, but do you know anything about the new Director of Surgery?'

'R. C. Radley, you mean?'

The name was familiar, but she couldn't think why. She nodded.

'He's a plastic surgeon.'

'We're going to have a nip-and-tuck merchant in charge of surgery? Oh, great. No prizes for guessing where all the new equipment's going to go, then.' Damn. And she'd raised half the money for the equipment she had her eye on. It looked as if she'd have to raise the other half, too.

'And he went to a certain well-known public school.'

Uh-oh. There was a distinct whiff of fish in the air. 'Eton?'

Guy nodded.

Like some of the members of the board. Sophie rolled her eyes. Now she understood what had been puzzling her - why Guy had been passed over. 'So the old-boy network strikes again, then?'


'It sucks, Guy, it really does - but don't let it get to you. There'll be other chances.' She raised her glass of beer. 'Here's to us. You and me, and a brilliant surgical team.' Though she wasn't going to drink to their new Director of Surgery. Not until after she'd met him and seen if he was worth drinking to.

'Mr R. C. Radley. Why does his name ring a bell?' she asked.

'He's not a Mr. He's a lord.'

'He's a what?'

'A baron,' Guy told her.

Baron Radley? The board had appointed a baron to run the surgical team? Sophie's mouth tightened. 'So instead of giving the job to someone who can do it blindfolded, the board's made a political appointment. Someone who's got the right name and the right title.' And the right accent. Sharp, braying, coupled with a mocking, hearty guffaw as he. . . She shook herself. No. That had been years ago, and she was over it now. Over it.

'Soph, hang on. You're being a bit -'

'No, I'm absolutely right,' she cut in. 'They've gone for something that will bring some press coverage for the hospital, instead of thinking about what's right for the patients, and that stinks.' She frowned again. 'Baron Radley. . . Isn't he the one in all the gossip mags?' The ones her mum read. Now she remembered where she'd heard the name. Celebrity Life. Baron Radley had been photographed with just about every eligible woman in London - every woman with a title or who looked like a supermodel. There was a different woman on his arm every time he went somewhere. She shook her head in disbelief. 'Oh, for goodness' sake, what does the board think they're doing? We ought to -'

'Leave it, Soph,' Guy warned. 'Like you said, there'll be other chances. None of us can expect to get every job we go for.'

'But it's wrong. It's morally wrong that they've picked someone with a title instead of someone who can do the job.'

'He might be a good surgeon. And there's nothing we can do about it anyway.'

She sighed, knowing that he was right. 'At least, working in general surgery, we won't have to have much to do with him,' she said.

'Let's just forget about it, yeah?' Guy asked.

She nodded as their curry arrived, but the knot of tension at the back of her neck was starting to tighten again. How old was their new Director of Surgery, exactly? Had he been one of the gang who. . .?

No. She wasn't going to think about them. It had been years ago. If she let the memories hold her back, they'd win. And she was damned sure they weren't going to grind her into the dust again. The chances were, R. C. Radley hadn't been one of them anyway. He was probably Guy's age, in his mid-to-late thirties - he'd probably finished med school before Sophie had even finished her A levels. She certainly couldn't remember being at med school with anybody called Radley. And if he was older than she was, it was unlikely he'd been part of their social set, either.

They kept the conversation on more neutral topics for the rest of the meal - avoiding hospital politics - but as they left the restaurant Sophie realised with dismay that Guy must have drunk several glasses of wine while he was waiting for her to turn up, as well as several beers during their meal. Not only was he slightly unsteady on his feet but, when Sophie steadied his arm, he put his arms round her and tried to kiss her.

Sophie turned her face away so his lips landed wetly on her cheek. 'Come on, Guy. I'll call a cab to get you home.'

'Come home with me, Soph.'

'Not a good idea. You'd regret it in the morning.'

He smiled. 'Waking up to a gorgeous girl like you? No.'

She shook her head. 'Guy, it's the drink talking. I'm your mate, not your girlfriend. You used to be my boss, remember?'

'Not since you got promoted and moved over to Andy's team.'

Mmm, and she couldn't use the 'we can't mix work and a relationship' argument if she wanted to get him together with Abby - not when he was Abby's boss! 'I'm focusing on my career, Guy,' she said gently yet firmly.

'And because I didn't get the job, you're not interested?'

She narrowed her eyes. 'If I didn't think you're drunk and don't really know what you're saying, I'd slap your face for that. I don't sleep my way up the ladder, Guy. In fact, I don't do relationships at all, and you know that - my career comes first, last and always.'

From the book Her Celebrity Surgeon by Kate Hardy.

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Publication Date: January 2006
ISBN: 0263847047
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From Cataromance - romantic fiction at its absolute finest - 4.5 stars

I absolutely adored this book! Kate Hardy is an outstanding writer of romantic fiction and her stories are a fantastic blend of passion, drama and reality. She writes so well that she draws the reader into her story from the very first chapter and she makes the reader care for her characters and feel every emotion which the characters go through. In Her Celebrity Surgeon, Kate Hardy has created a man who in my book is the perfect hero - he's gorgeous and rich, but he's kind and willing to do anything for the woman he loves. Sophie is simply a fantastic heroine. She's a woman who is intelligent, driven and ambitious, but she has got a vulnerable side which when revealed will have you reaching for the tissues.

From Romantic Times (reviewed as 'The Millionaire Boss's Reluctant Mistress' - 4 stars

Sophie Harrison is prepared to dislike the new director of surgery on sight. After all, she's a dedicated surgeon, not a serf to Baron R.C. Radley, whose main talent appears to be providing filler for gossip rags. Charlie's first day on the job is delayed with fireworks, but it's the fireworks that go off in his heart when he meets Sophie that pose the real challenge. Sophie can't deny Charlie is mouthwateringly gorgeous, but she knows better than to let her painful history with the upper crust repeat itself. Can she see beyond Charlie's title to trust the man underneath? This riveting medical drama is the perfect backdrop for the tender romance between Sophie and Charlie.

From Amazon (reviewed as 'The Millionaire Boss's Reluctant Mistress')

Author Kate Hardy writes a cute romance. Sophie, with her reverse snobbery, is a little hard for an American to grasp--after all, reverse snobbery isn't really an American thing. Still, her experiences, her fear of relationships, and her concern that those with all the advantages will abuse her trust is compelling. Charlie has his own trust issues related to an ex-fiancee. Fortunately, he has a supportive pair of siblings who don't let him mess up the best thing in his life. If you're looking for a quick romantic lead with a surprisingly kind and understanding hero, THE MILLIONAIRE BOSS'S RELUCTANT MISTRESS is a good pick.

What they're saying on e-Harlequin:

  • Kate Hardy takes on the issue of past hurts and how they can lead to stereotyping. Both Charlie and Sophie have very painful pasts, pasts that cause them to view each other with some reservations. Sophie’s story in particular is deeply moving and touches on some very sensitive issues. As a social worker, I appreciate the way Ms. Hardy handles such a delicate issue as she provides the reader with a full sense of the damage and pain caused by such a trauma. Bravo, Ms. Hardy for yet another fantastic story!
  • Sophie is an overall nice person, but she really brings lots of personal prejudices to the hospital where Charles/Charlie/Lord Radley is concerned. I liked Charlie lots and liked how his siblings were there for him! What a nice family - well if you could eliminate the mom and stepdad anyway. I am glad that by the end Sophie could join back into the real world and not the bad assumption one she had in regard to her boss.

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