The Doctor's Pregnancy Surprise

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Book 3 in the London City General trilogy


Mills & Boon Medical Romance

March 2005

ISBN: 0263842940


Harlequin Medical Romance

May 2005

ISBN: 0373065051

The doctors's second chance

For Dr Holly Jones, having a baby with the man of her dreams spells heartache. She's never recovered from the shock of losing David Neave's baby, not from the way he disappeared from her life without a trace.

Years later, David and Holly are working together in A&E, and when their long-held secrets come bubbling to the surface they slowly begin to renew their very special bond. Until Holly discovers she's pregnant - again. . .

Also released in the UK as a hardback (January 2005, ISBN: 0263186261). Also released in Australia in paperback (April 2005, ISBN: 0733559506).


Behind the Book

The third book in the trilogy is set in the Emergency Department.

Holly Jones is ambitious and hard-working. And she gets the shock of her life when she meets the new doctor in their department - he's the man who broke Holly's heart when she was eighteen!

The attraction's still there, for both of them. When David persuades Holly to give him another chance, can she trust him or will he let her down again?

It's dedicated to Dot, my agent, good friend and all-round wise woman.

Holly's chicken and pineapple curry is a definite favourite in my house!

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Holly blinked hard on her way into the Emergency reception area. The man walking down the corridor with Sue, their consultant. . . No. Of course it wasn't David Neave. Plenty of men had dark hair. She hadn't got a proper look at his face, either, just seen the outline of his jaw and nose. So what if they'd reminded her of David? It was highly unlikely that he'd be in the Emergency Department at London City General. . . .

What was she doing, thinking of him, anyway? That part of her life was way behind her. She hadn't thought of him in years.

Well, months.

Well, she had had that odd dream last week. The one where he'd been kissing her; it had been so real that she'd actually woken up and turned to cuddle into him. Except, of course, there had been an empty space and an unused pillow beside her. She'd almost been able to taste his mouth on hers, felt the familiar tingle as his fingers had skated over her skin.

She shook herself. David Neave might have been the love of her life, but he'd also been the big let-down of her life. A glimpse of a stranger - a man who looked vaguely like him but couldn't possibly be him - shouldn't get to her like this. She'd moved on years ago. Hadn't she?

She saw her next patient - a teenager who'd fallen off a skateboard and had gravel embedded deep in the grazes - and then went to the rest room for some much-needed coffee.

When she opened the doorway, she stopped dead.

The man she'd seen earlier was there. This time, she saw his face rather than his profile, and her heart almost stopped.

It was him.

But why here, why now? It had been twelve years since she'd seen him. His dark hair had the odd grey strand in it, there were lines on his face that hadn't been there during sixth form, and his shoulders had broadened, but he still had that charming smile. The one that had almost stopped her heart when he'd come to sit next to her in the sixth form.

That beautiful mouth. The one that had explored every bit of her body. The mouth that had whispered words of love, of passion: promises he'd never kept.

Oh, Lord. One smile and she'd gone right back to being eighteen years old, na´ve enough to believe that 'I'll love you till the day I die' really meant that, was more than just the magic words calculated to get him into her knickers.

She reminded herself sharply that she was thirty years old, and a specialist in emergency medicine. Holly the realist, not Holly the dreamer.

God only knew why David Neave was in the middle of the ED rest room at London City General, drinking coffee and chatting to the senior emergency nurse. Unless. . . A truly nasty thought hit her. Their new senior registrar was due to start today. David, like Holly, had always planned to become a medic. He was in the rest room, not the relatives' room. QED: he was their new senior registrar.

Maybe he wouldn't recognise her. She'd changed a lot in the last twelve years, particularly in the first six months. Not that he could have given a damn, because he'd made quite sure he hadn't been around when she needed him.

Oh, who was she trying to kid? Despite the years, she knew exactly who he was. He'd know her, too. Well, she wasn't going to skulk around. London City General was her patch. She was going to walk into that room with her head held high and not let him faze her. Everyone knew that Holly Jones was tough. Now was the time to prove it.

'Morning,' she said sweetly, aiming her smile at Anna, the senior sister, rather than their new medic, and slotted money into the chocolate machine.

The machine took her money and bleeped. The little coil of metal twisted round: but the chocolate bar stayed balanced at the end of its row.

Oh, brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Just when she needed the stuff, even more than she needed coffee. A square of chocolate and she could face the world.

Face David Neave.

'Is it playing up again?' Anna asked. 'I'll get Siobhan to call Maintenance.'

'No point. She'll spend all her time batting her eyes at Mitchell and forget to ask him to sort the machine. I'll deal with it.' Holly narrowed her eyes and looked at the machine. 'Now,' she said, her voice quiet but very authoritative. She tapped the glass opposite the chocolate bar she'd paid for. And it fell neatly into the tray at the bottom.

'That's better,' she said, unwrapped the foil and broke off a square. Yes. The chocolate rush hit her, and she could cope again.

David wasn't sure which bit he didn't believe. The fact that the vending machine had given her the chocolate on her command - or the fact that he was in the same room as her again. The woman who'd broken his heart when he was eighteen. Holly Jones.

Or maybe this woman was her double.

'Holls, let me introduce you. This is David Neave, our new senior reg. He started this morning and Sue got called away so she asked me to show him round,' Anna announced. 'David, this is the woman who scares the chocolate machine into submission. Our registrar -'

'Holly Jones,' he cut in. It really was her. Except her dark hair was now cut in a short, functional style instead of being tied back at the nape of her neck, and her grey eyes were much, much harder.

Or maybe they always had been hard but he'd refused to see it.

Anna blinked in surprise. 'You two know each other?'

'We were at school together. A long, long time ago,' Holly said quickly.

Was it his imagination, or was there a twinge of guilt in her eyes? She'd looked away again almost immediately, as if she was too embarrassed to face him. It was a bit late for an attack of conscience now. She should have thought about that twelve years ago.

And now it looked as if he was going to have to work with her.

Holly Jones was back in his life.

Hell. She was even wearing the same perfume. How could such a tiny thing as a spritz of scent take him spinning right back twelve years? The past, when Holly had been in his arms, kissing him and whispering 'I love you'. Words that had meant everything to him - and absolutely nothing to her.

'We lost touch,' David said.

That was one way of putting it. Because the love of his life had walked out on him when they were eighteen. And her timing had been impeccably bad: she'd done it the week before his A level exams.

From the book The Doctor's Pregnancy Surprise by Kate Hardy.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance
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Kate Hardy's books just keep on getting better and better. She creates characters which you warm to instantly and which you cannot bear to say goodbye to when you reach the final page. In Holly, she's created a fabulous character who is strong but has a vulnerable side to her which will strike a chord in readers everywhere. As for David, he is another of Kate Hardy's gorgeous and sensitive heroes whom the reader can't fail but fall in love with.

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