The Children's Doctor's Special Proposal

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Mills & Boon Medical Romance

March 2009

ISBN: 9780263868296


Harlequin Medical Romance

Feb 2009

ISBN: 9780373066759

A special bride for a special doctor

New consultant paediatrician Rhys Morgan is everything the hospital grapevine promised: piercing blue eyes, perfect physique and a mysteriously guarded manner. He is also Katrina's boss but after a previous relationship with a colleague truly dented her confidence, she thinks she's safe from Rhys's charms. Until they discover a shared commitment to their little patients - and a heartfelt passion for each other.

For Rhys, Katrina is nothing short of a miracle. He has never believed in happy families, yet Katrina opens his eyes to what love and family really means - and her courage and vulnerability create a fierce desire to protect her. Enough, perhaps, to make Rhys risk his heart with the most special proposal of all...

Also released in the UK as a hardback (January 2009, ISBN: 9780263207095) and a large print hardback (date and ISBN tbc). Also released in Australia in paperback (April 2009, ISBN: tbc).


Behind the Book

This is the second of a duo starring the Gregory cousins, Madison and Katrina. Both of them have a lot in common with me - Madison's one of life's fixers and a bit of a whirlwind, while Katrina is partly deaf.

Rhys, my hero, is Welsh - incredibly sexy, but also very remote. And although he and Katrina clash at their first meeting, the attraction soon becomes overwhelming.

Katrina helps Rhys heal the trauma of his past.

And in turn, Rhys helps Katrina to see that her hearing doesn't matter and she'll make the perfect wife.

It's fairly well known that I adore music... so Rhys plays the piano and the cello. The scene where he plays the cello to her (think Alan Rickman in 'Truly, Madly, Deeply') is the one that made my ed fall for him. It seems to have done the same to the readers on e-Harlequin (and thanks to them for their lovely comments).

They're both film noir buffs, so watch out for some very cheeky film references!

It's dedicated to my cousins Lee and Lucy - whose wedding, like that of Rhys and Katrina, took place on a snowy Easter Monday. (They asked me at the reception if I was taking notes... and I've taken liberties with their fabulous wedding cake!)

And the book's recipe - welsh cakes - is seriously scrummy.

Read a Bit


'Welcome back.' Lynne greeted Katrina with a broad smile. 'So how was Italy?'

'Fabulous. Italy in late September is just perfect. It's my new favourite place in the world,' Katrina said. 'Pompeii was stunning. And the Blue Grotto. And...' She laughed. 'That isn't what you really want to know, is it? Yes, I brought Italian biscuits back for the ward. Seriously nice ones.' She dangled a carrier bag in front of the charge nurse. 'A big tin of them.'

'Good girl.' Lynne patted her on the back. 'Just what we all wanted to hear. Though I'm glad you had a good time on holiday.'

'How’s Sadie doing?' Katrina asked, walking with Lynne to the kitchen and placing the biscuit tin on the worktop along with a note saying, Help yourself, with love from Kat.

'Fine. Though she's been missing your stories and wants to know when Doc-a-rina's coming back.'

'Oh, bless.' Sadie, a two-year-old with a clicky hip that had been reset by the orthopaedic surgeon, was one of Katrina's favourites; even though lying on a cot in traction must have been uncomfortable for the little girl, she never once complained and always had a huge smile for the medical staff. 'I'll go and see her in a minute before I start the ward rounds.' Katrina switched on the kettle, then she slapped a hand to her forehead. 'I almost forgot. The new consultant.' He'd started the day after she'd gone on holiday, and she'd been off duty the day he'd come for his interview and a look round the ward, so she hadn't yet met him. 'What's he like?'

Lynne nodded with obvious approval. 'Gorgeous. And as soon as you hear that voice you just want it to start whispering sweet nothings to you.'

'Except he's unavailable because, like you, he was snapped up as a teenager?' Katrina teased.

'Nobody has a clue, but I'd say probably not. He's excellent with the children, he's polite and pleasant to the parents and the staff, but as for what makes him tick...' Lynne shook her head ruefully. Your guess is as good as mine. He's refused every single invite to a team night out so far - politely, but very definitely.'

Katrina frowned. Most new consultants would accept every invitation going in the first couple of weeks, to help them get to know the team outside work and bond with them. 'He's not one of those who spend the bare minimum of time here and as much as possible in private practice, is he?' she asked.

Lynne shook her head. 'Far from it. He puts in the hours. He stays late - and if he does leave early, he'll either ring in or come back to chase up some results.'

A workaholic, then, Katrina thought. Just as long as he didn't expect everyone else to follow his lead - it wouldn't be fair on colleagues who happened to have young families. 'What's he like to work with?' she asked.

'Quick, intuitive and - well, you're about to find out for yourself. He's just walked in.' Lynne glanced towards the door. 'Morning, Dr Morgan.'

'Rhys,' the doctor corrected with a smile.

And what a smile.

Lynne was right, Katrina thought. Rhys Morgan was absolutely gorgeous. Tall, with dark hair and fair skin and blue, blue eyes - pure Celtic colouring. And with a name like Rhys Morgan, she would've been very surprised had his voice not had that faint Welsh lilt.

That incredibly sexy Welsh lilt.

And an incredibly sensuous mouth.

She pushed the thought away. Rhys Morgan was her new colleague, and she didn’t date colleagues. Not since Pete. She didn't make the same mistake twice.

'Good morning, Lynne,' he said.

'Rhys, this is Katrina Gregory, our senior house officer.' Lynne introduced them swiftly. 'Kat, this is Rhys Morgan, our new consultant.'

'Hello, Rhys. Good to meet you,' Katrina said, and stretched out her hand.

When he took it, she was surprised by the jolt of awareness that shot through her. One that was clearly mutual and just as surprising for him, judging by the way his eyes widened very slightly. But then he seemed to regain his control and gave her a polite smile, releasing her hand. 'Hello, Katrina.'

'The kettle's about to boil and our rounds don't start for another ten minutes. Coffee?' Katrina asked.

'Thanks. Black, no sugar, please.'

She spooned instant coffee into three mugs, adding sugar to Lynne's and milk to her own before pouring on boiling water and handing the first mug to Rhys. 'Help yourself to biscuits while you still get a chance. As soon as Lynne spreads the word, they'll be gone.' She glanced at her watch. 'And if you'll excuse me, I want to pop in and see Sadie before we start, to let her know I'm back.'

'Sadie? The little girl with the clicky hip?' he asked.

Katrina nodded. 'Lynne tells me she's been missing my stories.'

He looked slightly disapproving. 'As a doctor, you need to keep a certain amount of distance. Dont get too emotionally involved with your patients.'

'I hardly think telling a story to a little girl who's bed-bound is getting emotionally involved.' And just who did Rhys Morgan think he was, telling her what to do? He may be the new consultant and, strictly speaking, her senior, but that didn't mean he could tell her how to do her job. In her experience, taking a little extra time with their patients often did wonders - it helped them to settle, and she believed that anything that made hospital a less scary experience for them was a good thing. 'I enjoy my job, and I'm not going to apologise for taking five minutes of my own time to make a child's day that little bit brighter. Excuse me,' she said coolly. 'I'll be back in time for ward rounds.'

From the book The Children's Doctor's Special Proposal by Kate Hardy.

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Publication Date: March 2009
ISBN: 9780263868296
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From Cataromance

Kate Hardy never ceases to amaze me! She is amazingly prolific and consistently delivers enchanting and engrossing romantic novels that never fail to make me laugh and cry. In The Children's Doctor's Special Proposal, she has created two wonderful characters - strong, smart and adorable Katrina who is simply inspirational and gorgeous Rhys, a thoroughly believable and well-rounded hero every woman would just love to love. The Children's Doctor's Special Proposal is a sensitively written, intensely moving and wonderfully captivating Medical Romance from a writer who is simply superb: Kate Hardy!

From Book Illuminations by Debbie Wiley

THE CHILDREN'S DOCTOR'S SPECIAL PROPOSAL is a sweet story that shows love growing and maturing. Kate Hardy doesn't pressure her characters into falling in love but instead allows it to develop naturally. THE CHILDREN'S DOCTOR'S SPECIAL PROPOSAL is a love story in its purest form. The relationship between Katrina and Rhys is the central focus of the story without any other distractions. This technique allows the reader to really focus on the emotional impact of the storyline as Katrina and Rhys have to do some very weighty soul searching. Kate Hardy also tackles a very sensitive subject in THE CHILDREN'S DOCTOR'S SPECIAL PROPOSAL. Katrina has a hearing impairment but it doesn't stop her from being one heck of a doctor! Her past relationship has left her with fears about her hearing, but Kate Hardy shows another perspective through the eyes of Rhys. One scene in particular involving a cello is especially romantic. THE CHILDREN'S DOCTOR'S SPECIAL PROPOSAL is just as the title promises. Kate Hardy delivers a superb romance that resonates beautifully with the reader. Bravo, Ms. Hardy!

From Pink Heart Society Reviews

Kate Hardy has handled Katrina's hearing difficulty sensitively, positively and with great feeling, this issue adding to the story rather than detracting from it. The medical facts are pertinent and to the point without bogging down the romance between Rhys and Katrina. A truly heartwarming story about learning to trust again and triumph over adversity.

From Coffee Time Romance - 5 Cups

The characters in this story are as strong and sexy as they are sensitive and sweet. Kat is so loving and compassionate that no matter what life throws at her, she will always look for the rainbow. There is certainly nothing wrong with the strong silent type, and Rhys fits the mold perfectly. Their story just goes to show that you can have a wonderfully hot romance, with a plot that does include the darker moments, but without the need for nasty language and bitter feuds. This is a pleasure to read, not only for its romance, but also for its intelligence and honesty.

What they're saying on e-Harlequin:

  • This is the second of Kate's London Victoria duo. Katrina is a brilliant doctor with a special problem - she suffers from deafness. Because of Kate's own deafness, Katrina rings especially true. It is sensitively portrayed as is the caracter of Rhys Morgan, the children's doctor who is filled with zeal and passion for saving lives but refuses to allow anyone close. Whereas Katrina's deafness has allowed her to open up her world, Rhys has become deaf to the longings of his heart. It was truly a heart warming romance.
  • Ever since I read Maddie's story I have wanted Katrina's story and this one is a winner! Hardy created two very different cousins that love each other and watch each other's backs. This is another story in the MEDRO line that has a character with a disability. Hardy does a wonderful job of making it a part of the story without it taking over the story. She creates characters that are empathetic, but not does not make Katrina a character to be pitied. I enjoyed Maddie's story; I adored this story.
  • I think, to date, this is my favorite Kate Hardy book. There is just something so special about both the hero and heroine in this book.
  • This is a follow-up to an earlier KH, that I enjoyed so I picked this one up. Again, I found this to be another excellent Medical. The romance happens slowly and realistically. I enjoyed the issues that Rhys had with his family and found Kat an enjoyable heroine who has a disability, but is not ruled by it. I would highly recommend this book.
  • Kate Hardy wrote the story beautifully and the way the heroine handled her hearing loss was wonderful.
  • I love the cello scene.
  • I reallly enjoyed the cello scene.
  • The cello scene is an awesome scene! I loved this story!
  • really liked Katrina and was glad to see she got her own story after reading The Greek Doctor's New Year Baby. Katrina is a heroine with a hearing disability. This has made her shy away from relationships especially after her ex dumped her. She's decided to never have a relationship with a coworker again but she is very attracted to the new pediatrician, Rhys, and he seems to be very attracted to her too. I liked the H in this one too.
  • I have only read one of Kate's books, but to judge from this book, she writes warm and fuzzy romances with a twist. I loved how she wrote about Katrina's deafness. Rhys has not had a happy family life, but Katrina makes him believe in happy families. This book made me feel all warm and happy inside.

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